Fat Farm is a hand-drawn mini-comic that contains personal stories about fatness, fat hatred, fat liberation, queerness, gender, childhood psychiatric incarceration, conformity, resistance, resilience and survival. Amidst the true tales, there is Foucault and cats. You can get all episodes in THE STORE.

Episode 1: GOAT — Memories of 6 East: a movie about nuns and a writing assignment lead into childhood memories of being locked up in psychiatric institution, forced starvation dieting, the sad refuge of a can of TAB diet soft drink. (2003 by Max Airborne)

Episode 2: MANATEE — Memories of 6 East: an ended friendship triggers memories of life as a queer fat kid in a psychiatric institution, and pocket-sized tools of resistance in desperate times. (2019 by Max Airborne)

Episode 3: OCTOPUS — Memories of 6 East: Present-day obsessions lead to memories of childhood indoctrination into fat-hating culture. A look at Foucault’s panopticism, internalized surveillance, and fat hatred in modern society. (2019 by Max Airborne)


Fat Rose Update

We are excited to announce the next chapter of our Fat Rose adventures with you!

Over the last four months, 25 fatties have met by Zoom video conferencing to discuss intersectional political analysis around our central question: How is fat liberation part of the struggles for the liberation of all people?

We started with two study tracks, reading Charlotte Cooper’s Fat Activism, plus a series of readings from various liberation movements.

So what’s new?

As our study conversations wove together, we are combining our study tracks to form our first General Membership Meeting!

Fat Rose General Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 6th
11am-1pm PST │2pm-4pm EST

For this meeting we will be reading and discussing:

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Fat Rose

Who wants to be part of #FatRose — a group for both study and action that focuses on relationship between #FatLiberation / #FatJustice and other justice and liberation movements, and building a base of #FatPower and solidarity, with each other and with other movements?

Interested? Sign up here.