Fat Lib Ink began as two people hand printing “Fatties Against Fascism” t-shirts in our kitchen. We created this site to help distribute shirts and spread our political message. Soon after, we started a radical fat organizing effort, Fat Rose. And now…

Fat Zine Archive

We’ve noticed a lot of fat liberation cultural and organizing history — documented in zines, pamphlets and ephemera from the years before the internet — is unknown to the current generation of fat activists. So we are building a digital Fat Zine Archive to ensure this history is not lost, and that it’s accessible to fat activists of today. The stories and journeys of our movement/s are important.

We aim to open the archive as soon as February, 2022.

Got fat zines, pamphlets or other ephemera to add?

If you have things you’d like us to include in the Fat Zine Archive, please fill out this form.